Trivandrum is a small sized city filled with energy and charisma that any other metro in India possesses. This beautiful city still holds a lot of natural charm and historical significance that has not eroded.Trivandrum possesses a dual personality. On one end it has a major IT hubdown south where ample supply of IT workforce is available and on the other a lot of the old world charm still remains intact.


Its state of the art transport systems and reliable social infrastructure make Trivandrum an irresistible investment avenue for global businesses. It is also one of the reasons for the increase in visit of business tourists.

Tourist attractions

The focal point of Trivandrum’s popularity lies in its tourist places. The city has everything from historical palaces to modern theme parks and more.

Padmanabha swamy temple trivandrum

Padmanabhaswamy temple - Trivandrum shot to international fame after the discovery of the hidden vault under the temple. The discovery of a secret vault in the Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple was showcased in Discovery channel as well. Ever since the city is known worldwide for its rich and glorious historical places of the world.

Sree Vishnu resting in his “Anantha Shayanam” posture is the biggest draw of this temple. Built in the 16th century Dravidian style of architecture, the royal family of Travancore continue to guard the temple. The temple’s sanctum sanatorium is made of gold pillars and is called “The Golden Temple”. How it remained protected from invasion remains a mystery to historians.

Kavadiyar Palace trivndrum

The Kowdiar Palace is situated in close vicinity to the temple. It is the official abode of the present day Royal family of Travancore. The Palace was built in the year 1934 by Maharajah Sree Chithira Thirunal. It was built for the wedding of his beloved sister Maharani Karthika Thirunal Lakshmi Bayi. The Palace attracts attention for its intricate artwork. It has in more than 150 rooms and all have intricate carvings. However, access to the interiors of the palace is denied for public viewing.

Nappier museum

Napier Museum is located about 6km away from the city. It was built in the year 1855. The museum is named after Lord Napier, who presided as the Governor of Madras during 1866 to 1872. The museum has on display- bronze idols, artifacts, gold ornaments etc. used by the royal family.Trivandrum, Kerala can be rightly called the treasure vault of Kerala’s history.

Trivandrum’s is home to several nature rich tourist spots as well. The Vellayani Lake, Kovalam beach, Poovar Island and more offer you a tour excuse away from the modernization.