Trivandrum Zoo

Trivandrum zoo is the oldest zoo in India. IT is regarded as an important woodland in Asia too. The Zoo came into being in the 1830 under the rule of Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma. The king wished to set up a menagerie of great Royal Tigers, Panthers, Cheetahs, Deer’s and Boar. This animal menagerie is today a small but well organized zoo that attracts a good number of tourists both domestic and international.

Trivandrum Zoo

The zoo is also set up amidst a well panned botanical garden. Recently wildlife was celebrated at the zoo and museum. Various competitions were held at the Museum Auditorium by the Trivandrum zoo.


The zoo authorities are responsible for wildlife conservation through zoo education programs amongst general public. The department of wildlife and zoo authorities are also facilitating wildlife research to understand animal nutrition, animal behavioral science, reproductive biology


The zoo came into being in 1847. It is the oldest zoo in India and a sought after one in Asia. The land area the zoo is set on is around 55 acres. The zoo was initially a menagerie of Royal tigers, Panthers and Cheetahs, Deer’s and other wild animals.

Presently the zoo fulfills the requirement of conserving and preserving the species more than serving as a recreational facility.

Animals and birds in the zoo

The zoo has 82 species of animal and birds brought from across the globe. Some of the indigenous species you will see here are Lion tailed Macaque, Bengal tiger and white tiger. The zoo is also home to poisonous and non-poisonous snake species.
The bird species that might attract children attention are:

Trivandrum Zoo

  • Sulphur crusted cockatoo
  • Blossom headed parakeet
  • Pariah and Brahminy kite
  • King & Cinerous vulture
  • And more

Reasons to visit the zoo

  • A place to take kids for an outing
  • An ideal place to plan a day trip with family or friends
  • An ideal destination for a budget outing
  • An ideal destination to witness wildlife and nature
  • The zoo is small but extremely organized
  • The zoo organizes


The zoo is open from 9:00am till 5:00 pm in the evening.

Entry fee

The entrance fee to the zoo for Indians is Rs 20 and differs for foreigners. For a family of mother, father and two children below the age of 12yrs the ticket cost is Rs 40. On Sundays the entry fee for kids below 15yr is absolutely free.


The zoo is situated in the city of Trivandrum at Kanaka Nagar, Nanthancodu. Parking vehicles is a challenge therefore use of public transport is highly recommended.
The zoo is located at a nine-kilometer distance from Thiruvananthapuram Airport.
The zoo can be reached by bus too. It is located at a three-kilometer distance from Thampanoor bus station and Thiruvananthapuram railway station.