Thenmala tourism packages

Thenmala is a little village in Kollam district of Kerala. It lies alongtheend of the Western Ghats in the south. It is the first eco-tourism destination in India. The region is home to mysterious village treasures. You will find several adventure spots and lots of natural attractions to explore.

An exciting journey:

Thenmala eco tourism

The drive through he misty roads is adventurous. Several mountain Monkeys will greet you. Along with you can also stumble upon some rare species of Snakes, largelizards, and other reptiles. For a nature enthusiast it is an absolute treat to visit Thenmala. Take as many photographs possible. Get some beautiful photographs.

Unending excitement

Once you reach the adventure zone you will find the elevated walkway. You can catch a glimpse of the picturesqueview of thegreen valley underneath. Take a good look at the artificial lake. Lot of adventure activities take place around this lake. The walk through the challenging trail will make your trip exciting and adventurous.

The Coracle ride

You must try the coracle ride. A tiny oval shaped boat the coracle ride is an absolute treat for adventure seekers. A ride across the gushing rivers is something you must experience. There are pedal boats available if you seek less adventurous rides. The pedal boats are slow rides but offer a glimpse of the nature with a dash of adventure. The region is known as a perfect snorkeling spot. IF nothing interests you then simply take a dip in the water

High intensity adventure:

If you want that adrenaline rush experience, then the place has high-intensity adventurefacilities. You can do river crossing, Valleycrossing, and flying fox.  These ropeway activities are absolutely adventurous.

Unique treks:


Thenmala is a trekkers paradise. From rock climbing to small and professional treks the region offers it all. You can hire a mountain bike or walk across the thrilling Burma bridge.

More to do:

Thenmala Dam

Though Thenmla has a lot of adventure to offer, there are other activities like Archery, Commando net, Trampoline, Trust fall. The region offers both soft and high end adventure experience. The region is ideal for corporate tours, family trip and adventure honeymoon.

An adventure seekers paradise, Thenmala is blessed with natural escapades. You should book a visit to this clean eco destination and savor the best of Gods own country.