Karamana river

Karamana river is known as Vanmala – the garland of forest. The word Vanmala comes from Sanskrit and is apt for the river as it surrounded by greenery that appears as a garland. The importance of the river in gods own country is huge. Apparently the water flow of the river, the chirping of thebirds and the natural surroundings have significantly influenced and developed music in Kerala. It is said that several court musicians in the early years hailed form the Karamana village.

karamana river

Reasons to visit the river

The region around the river is surrounded by scenic beauty. However, the river is rapidly facing pollution and contamination due to increasing needs of the locals in the surroundings regions. Though restoration process is in the pipeline no concrete results have been seen as yet. Therefore, before the region completely drowns in pollution and illegal mining and loses its importance it is highly recommended you visit the place.
Things to do

The surrounding near the river is ideal for an exciting or relaxing picnic with family and friends.

  • The river is known to house fish. You can bring your own anglers and take part in some sport fishing. That’s the nicest way to be a sporty without harming any life form.
  • For nature enthusiasts the river has wide variety of flowers andplants that are tropical in nature. They make for an interesting watch.
  • You can seek permission from the local authorities and try out your own boating since tourism development has been extremely imbalanced in the region.

karaqmana river trivandrum

  • Plan a temple visit for that holistic feel. There are several temples situated on the bank of the Killiyar river. The most famous temple in the region is the Attukkal.
    • Besides Attukkal you can also head to Agasthiarkoodam as the Karamana river rises from the neighbouring area.
  • Take an exciting stroll on the Karamana bridge. The bridge is the longest in the region. There are other bridges as well that you can walk on for a unique outing experience.
    • The other bridges worth visiting in the region are Thrikunnapuram, Mangattu Kadavu, Kundamon Kadavu, MAruthoor Kadavu
  • Visit the dam if you are on an outing with your kids. There are two important dams in the region
    • Aruvikkara dam and Peppara dam are the two important dams
    • One of the dam provides piped drinking water to the city
    • The Peppara dam has played an important role in avoiding floods in the region
  • For adventure seekers a visit to the Nedumangad forest is recommended.
    • A guide assistance is highly recommended
    • The forest and its basin is rich in fauna and will make for a great place to visit for any nature enthusiast.

karamana river trivandrum

The Karamana river originates from Chemmunji Motta and the Aathiramala. The largest tributary of the Karamana is the Killiyar. It is a beautiful place to visit and explore if you want to plan a weekend or one-day trip.